Tiny tools

This is incomplete list of small tools I've written to make my life marginally better.


Beehint is a browser extension which makes NYT's spellingbee hints easier to read.

The wave cal

The Bristol wave pool's website was really hard to use because you couldn't view all the sessions in one view. The wave cal is a script which scrapes the site and outputs an ical file for easy viewing.


This is a docker container with some common networking utilities to help debugging in docker based environments. I used it to pin down this dns issue.


Is a website which can help you use your phone as a backup bike light. Of coarse use at your own risk and get a real bike light.


Supertube is a small cli to pipe data from one machine to another via patchbay.


This is a tiny cli to bump git tags in a specific format we used at beryl.

Isolate changes

This is a github action which restricts changes to specific files per PR. For instance if you want migrations to always be merged without code changes, you can add this CI check to ensure files aren't touched in migrations + any other folder.


My first flat share in London was a three story with 6 people and one bathroom, so running down the stairs to check if the bathroom was occupied became a common annoyance for everyone in the house. I hooked up a raspberrypi to a reed-switch with a fancy front-end to text people when it's their turn for the bathroom.